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Avoid Poor Campaign Execution, Make Your Campaign Accessible To Users

I was inspired to write this post after reading an article in todays Calgary Hearld titled, “Grisly Workplace videos return just before Halloween.” The article deals with a new campaign here in Alberta (Canada) titled ‘Bloody Lucky‘ which contains a strong message about workplace safety, told through a series of dramatic and bloody videos. The […]

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Knol Profile SEO and Optimization

Like much of the speculation about Knol flying around the SEO community in the last few days, the question on everyone mind is, “How sticky are Knol articles within the organic Google listings.” Before I jump into my main article about your Knol profile, I do want to point one thing out: I noticed that […]

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iFrames are evil. If you must, try this alternative.

The (really simple) alternative to iFrames I wrote an article on my personal site some time ago and it has gotten consistent traffic over the past 8 months. So I thought I’d expand upon that original article and put my developer hat on for a little while. Why are iFrames bad? They are not web […]

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Sphinners unite! (In the twitterverse)

In some of our past articles there has been a good amount of discussion around twitter. People have been trading their twitter names, following and asking to be followed – it’s practically a social economy. To make it a bit easier, I made a list of everyone with a twitter I could find in various […]

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10 Reasons to Read SEM Insights

We have a confession to make. We’re totally (un)ashamed to admit that we’re really excited about this blog. Originally we had planned to have just one blog based around the SEM Canada Conference,  but after many brain storming sessions about the content we wanted to publish, the amazing guest authors we wanted to ask to write, […]

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