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SEO Testing – Including SEO in Test Strategy

I recently that the honour of presenting at as a keynote speaker. I am delighted that no-one felt the overwhelming need to leave during my 50 minute discourse, and while I’m sure the fact that I was handing out money played a small role) ‘just click ‘back’ to get back to the post’, [...]

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Want to Know What Converts Your Users? ……10 Tips

Depending on what you sell, there are numerous affecting variables. But there are a few tips that work for any ecommerce business.
1. Retention is easier and cheaper than acquisition, so spend equitably on the two where possible if your retention market warrants the spend. Don’t ignore either regardless of how established or un-established you are [...]

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Eye-Tracking & Conversion – A Match Made in Heaven?

Online eye-tracking studies have been used for years as an indicator of user interest in certain areas on a page measured by the point-of-gaze. At its most basic eye-tracking studies are interested in which elements on a page are responsible for garnering the most attention as measured by ‘looks’, ‘gazes’ or ‘views’.
As a stand-alone practice [...]

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Voice of Customer – Listen, Change and Win!

One of my fantastically (scarily really) talented colleagues, Lance Jones, presented at eMetrics in San Jose yesterday. The topic covered was how VOC (voice of customer) changed the Intuit QuickTax home page for the better during the last few weeks of our Canadian tax season. QuickTax is the Canadian version of TurboTax just if you [...]

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Search Marketing in a Recession

There’s an old joke Economists find highly amusing:

‘A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, and a depression is when you lose your job’

It ain’t sounding so funny these days…
But wait. It’s not that bad for search marketers, depending on how the industry deals with it as a whole, and how independent practitioners [...]

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SEM in Canada: Conference Postponed & Insights into the Canadian Search Marketplace

We have notified & refunded our attendees, and chatted with the speakers. Now we can let everyone else know:
The SEM Canada Conference has been postponed until October of next year for the following reasons:
1. We are in final talks with a new corporate sponsor who will enable us to really make the SEM Canada series [...]

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Search Marketing Trends: Marketing & Investment Insights

This year has already resulted in numerous shifts in the search marketing space as we know it:
Trends From an Investors Perspective

Microsoft bid for Yahoo!, then withdrew the offer and Yahoo!’s shares dropped nearly 20%
Google and Yahoo! are still skirting around a search advertising partnership
Ask withdrew from main stream search to focus on women searchers
Google’s search [...]

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