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The Ultimate Conversion Tip Collection

 I’ve been thinking a lot about landing page conversion lately, and read quite a bit about it. When I was a super affiliate (years gone by) maximizing conversions was always top of mind, and it sort of slipped from that vaulted position as I became more and more focused on specializing in SEM. It shouldn’t [...]

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In-house PPC – No or Go!

I recently stepped back into the fray that is in-house PPC management, and I’m loving it!
There is more freedom (and lack of cost) associated with effective in-house management, but it always surprises me as to how this type of move is met by the engine reps and other folks still using agencies.

In-house you’re after the [...]

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Major Social Marketing Mistake

This blog doesn’t allow me the space I need to include the audio file of this transcript, but you can find it here. This post won’t make sense if you don’t read/listen to it. This is NOT a search marketing post, more one about how the viral internet can spread, with my comments here on [...]

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2 Easy Steps to Hire the RIGHT Search Manager

It’s actually pretty easy…

1. Decide if hiring in-house for SEO + PPC or SEM combined is more feasible in terms of your spend than outsourcing.
I realize it depends on size and revenues… but as soon as you get to a point where you can hire inhouse, you chould. Using an agency initially may give you [...]

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Online Marketing & SEM – The Right Career Choice for You?

This post is a result of the following question I was sent on LinkedIn.
·         “Hi, I’m curious about your work as a web marketing manager and wondered if you had any advice for someone just joining the online advertising sector re where/how to begin one’s job search? Where does such a path eventually lead? How [...]

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SEO… Something for Every-One

I watched a movie the other day about how to put a different spin on ideas that you find common but that the every-day man might not.
It wasn’t a documentary by any manner of means, it was a light-hearted comedy called ‘Confessions of a Shop-a-holic’, and I actually learned something. No, not about my [...]

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Search Optimization: Still Misunderstood & Under-utilized?

I think so, to both. This is a quick study of why I do…
SEO is Misunderstood
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that was coined in July 1997, where it was used publicly in what was perceived to be a spam message, hardly an auspicious beginning. Over the years, the term ‘search engine optimization’ [...]

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Web Content & Search Optimisation…………. NOT Mutually Exclusive

Optimised content can be a vague concept. Defining ‘for whom’ we are optimising the content, along with ‘why’, is a critical part of the overall deliverable objective of a comprehensive web content strategy.
Optimising web content for both human users and search engine spiders should not be a mutually exclusive endeavour; at its most basic content [...]

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VOC, UGC & SEO – Work it baby! (’cuz it really does work…)

UGC (user generated content) is fast becoming more and more important to the success of online retailers, and to businesses that rely on their website to drive brand exposure and generate contacts.
Which forms of UGC to leverage, why, where and how can be a challenge to even the most professional marketing team.  Please read [...]

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Online Social Media and Big Brand Fear of Networks

I read one of the most thought provoking posts on social media use I have read in a long time today by Steven Hodson. I rarely if ever comment on blogs, so the fact that I nearly bored poor Steven to death with a long comment says quite a bit.
Before I go off on [...]

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