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Paid Search & SEO Snake-Oil Salesmen…

Most of you folks who read this regularly know I am a professor and subject matter expert for the Online Advanced SEM Course and Masters Certification courses for USF. Some of my experiences as such form the basis of this post:
While many students who take the course/s are relatively new to the industry, some are [...]

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PPC Presence – 28 Hard Learned Tips

12 tips for Brands, 12 tips for Non-brands, and 4 bonus tips for Both
This isn’t a post for PPC newbies. I’m not going to include an entry list of what you should do to get started in PPC, I’m just going to dive straight into a few things that I’ve learned over the years… Please [...]

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Effective PPC and SEO Integration into 2009

It’s actually really easy, and because this could be a really long and boring topic, I’m going to keep it short highlighting 8 important points of effective SEO and PPC dual implementation.
1. First, conduct extensive keyword research. From your potential keyword universe, you filter your preferred sample of primary (and some longer tail) phrases for onpage [...]

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The Explosion of the Middle Web – a.k.a. Smartphone Internet Use

The middle web is that new playground between highly limited mobile phone internet use and full blown computer internet use via high speed access; and is made possible by a range of new hand held facilitators including the iPhone. Not that new admittedly, but in terms of time in the US 2 years is not [...]

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SEO Success Stories

SEO Success Stories
(Actually, this has a PPC Success Story after the SEO success story below. I hope you find them both enlightening and a boost if you ever have the same problems I do J.)
It can be infinitely frustrating dealing with clients who only want consultative SEO. In other words, they want a full site [...]

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Do It Yourself Display Ads – DIY on the Fly

I was doing some research last week on online adspend… the gap between paid and display has grown increasingly over the last few months. The Wall Street Journal  issued a release just after Q2 stating that US spend on internet advertising grew 20% during that quarter, and that the gap between flashy display ads and [...]

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Website Architecture – 5 Easy Steps to Great IA the SEO Way

I have blathered about keyword research a lot in previous posts, SO I’m going to use this post to illustrate how keyword research can help you to effectively develop your website information architecture (IA).

Yes, branding is important.
Yes, your users are more important, and the usability and logical structure of your site is vital.
Yes, [...]

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Spying on the Online Competition

I realize that spying on the competition may not seem to be of great importance when taken as a stand-alone SEO concept without understanding what you can actually glean from doing so, or knowing what insights the available tools can offer.
This post will try to demystify the issue.
Why Spying on the Online Competition Can Benefit [...]

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PPC & Big Brands: Reticent, Reluctant or Simply Uninformed?

For the number of big brands that do employ PPC effectively, there is a greater number that do not employ it effectively, or who do not employ it at all. Here are 6 specific data points that might be of interest to the latter group:

10% 1 to 20% 2 of consumers are strongly influenced by [...]

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Paid Search: Resistance is Futile….

OK then… if not futile, then at least not optimal . Let’s start with a bang with some data: 

64.3% of marketers plan to increase spending on SEM during this year. (B2B Survey)
North American SEM spending is now projected to grow by at least 36% to $25.2 in the next 4 years. (SEMPO)
In 2007, 87.4% [...]

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