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SEO Testing – Including SEO in Test Strategy

I recently that the honour of presenting at as a keynote speaker. I am delighted that no-one felt the overwhelming need to leave during my 50 minute discourse, and while I’m sure the fact that I was handing out money played a small role) ‘just click ‘back’ to get back to the post’, [...]

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Tax Software, Accountant or DIY? …

… Your choice can be the difference between a maximum tax refund and a non optimal refund; a fast refund versus a wait of weeks to months.

I know that sounds a bit severe, so bear with me – but if you are an SEO, and you work as a sole proprietor or own [...]

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Moving On…

Thanks for all the query tweets and general interest in my ‘moving on’. In a nutshell, I effectively left Epiar and all the great people there today (December 30th).
I can honestly say that working at Epiar has been the highlight of my career so far. It’s pretty darn hard to find a dedicated multi-service you [...]

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SEM Interest and Proactive Companies

I got a call a few weeks ago from an exceptionally talented woman I used to work with at a pretty big agency. She is a super hot account manager, and she had been getting some queries from clients through her team indicating interest in SEM services. She called me.
The gist of the call was [...]

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Search Marketing in a Recession

There’s an old joke Economists find highly amusing:

‘A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, and a depression is when you lose your job’

It ain’t sounding so funny these days…
But wait. It’s not that bad for search marketers, depending on how the industry deals with it as a whole, and how independent practitioners [...]

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SEO Mission Impossible

If you have ever tried to explain what you do as an SEO to young children you may appreciate this post.
Introducing the cast:

5 year old son – C1
5 year old daughter – C2 (Yes, they’re twins. No, I’m not a rabbit)
7 year old son – C3 (Just started Grade 2)
Me – err… Me

C3 – Mom, [...]

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24 Great Ways for SEO Detractors to Prove Their Point

SEO continues to be called a ‘waste of time’, ‘evil’, a ‘waste of money’ and worse all over the net, and by numerous different sites. I know I’m not the only SEO proponent banging my head against the proverbial wall.
Heck, if SEO is such a waste of time, perhaps the purveyors of these gems of [...]

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SEM is not SMM. It’s Just Not.

There is so much misunderstanding of these two terms, how they relate to each other, and which to target. I’m going to try to diffuse that dichotomy. 
It’s not a case of the chicken-before-the-egg or vice versa. They are two completely different disciplines, though each can benefit from the other much as SEO and paid search [...]

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SEM in Canada: Conference Postponed & Insights into the Canadian Search Marketplace

We have notified & refunded our attendees, and chatted with the speakers. Now we can let everyone else know:
The SEM Canada Conference has been postponed until October of next year for the following reasons:
1. We are in final talks with a new corporate sponsor who will enable us to really make the SEM Canada series [...]

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SES Toronto – SEMI Out-takes (& Insights ofcourse…)

Toronto SES was superb!
This post is a bit of ramble but it does contain my picks on:
• Most amusing event
• Most embarrassing comment
• Best session (of course this is not in any way biased)
• COOLEST people I met!
Most Amusing Pick
I realize this is not related to the conference directly, but I was in Toronto, [...]

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