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Search Marketing Trends: Marketing & Investment Insights

This year has already resulted in numerous shifts in the search marketing space as we know it:
Trends From an Investors Perspective

Microsoft bid for Yahoo!, then withdrew the offer and Yahoo!’s shares dropped nearly 20%
Google and Yahoo! are still skirting around a search advertising partnership
Ask withdrew from main stream search to focus on women searchers
Google’s search [...]

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Television & SEO – the ‘Twain Shall Mix!

I was interviewed today by Global TV News Calgary. It was a terrifying experience. I can only be thankful that it wasn’t live, and for the discretion of the both the cameraman Danny and the reporter himself.
After over an hour of interview time the actual live segment was less than 6 minutes long, but the [...]

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So You Think You Can Market Online? Here’s a Challenge For Ya!

SMM needs input from a variety of sources. This post hopes to bring numerous diversely related thoughts together.

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The How’s & Why’s: Searchers and Search Behavior

This is one of those posts I’m writing simply because I wish someone else had written something similar when I was looking for this type of information a few years ago. This is the most current information I can find and is peppered with my own interpretations.
People search in a variety of different [...]

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PPC & Big Brands: Reticent, Reluctant or Simply Uninformed?

For the number of big brands that do employ PPC effectively, there is a greater number that do not employ it effectively, or who do not employ it at all. Here are 6 specific data points that might be of interest to the latter group:

10% 1 to 20% 2 of consumers are strongly influenced by [...]

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10 Reasons to Read SEM Insights

We have a confession to make. We’re totally (un)ashamed to admit that we’re really excited about this blog. Originally we had planned to have just one blog based around the SEM Canada Conference,  but after many brain storming sessions about the content we wanted to publish, the amazing guest authors we wanted to ask to write, [...]

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Selling SEO to the Uninitiated Client

It is sometimes very hard to get clients to understand why and how SEO can be of benefit to them. The hardest part is conveying the importance of effective keyword research and placement.
This post is going to try to make it easy and fun for SEO’s to inform clients as to why SEO – and [...]

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Ethical SEO: Profitable or a Waste of Time?

I was brain-farting around the internet the other day looking for blog post ideas that would generate debate. Scarily enough I ended up on one of my posts from a year ago over at SEOmoz and thought that I would resuscitate the idea, but in a slightly different way. Apparently my synapses have a problem [...]

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How Does Danny Do It?

You know, I don’t a have a hero-worship thingey or anything, but I can honestly say that I have grown to admire and appreciate what Danny Sullivan has done for the SEM community more and more over the past three months.
First, let me say I don’t know Danny very well. Second, if Danny remembers me [...]

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SEO: A Rose by Any Other Name…

There have been so many articles over the past few years referring to search engine optimization as ‘bullshit’ and its practitioners as ‘snake oil salesmen’, ‘spammers’ and worse.
A recent anti-SEO episode was started by Shoemoney. It was very well covered by Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land. (Disclaimer; I’m not saying Shoemoney started the latest furor intentionally, and he [...]

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