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VOC, UGC & SEO – Work it baby! (‘cuz it really does work…)

UGC (user generated content) is fast becoming more and more important to the success of online retailers, and to businesses that rely on their website to drive brand exposure and generate contacts.   Which forms of UGC to leverage, why, where and how can be a challenge to even the most professional marketing team.  Please […]

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Online Social Media and Big Brand Fear of Networks

I read one of the most thought provoking posts on social media use I have read in a long time today by Steven Hodson. I rarely if ever comment on blogs, so the fact that I nearly bored poor Steven to death with a long comment says quite a bit.   Before I go […]

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Social Media Marketing Insights – The BIG Thing of 2008

A fellow member of the LinkedIn Social Media Marketing group posed a great question which he in turn took from Tom Raftery’s blog. Tom’s question was:   “Looking back at Social Media, we have had a significant advance (a ‘this year’s big thing’) every year since 2004.  In 2004 – blogs started to really take […]

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