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SEO Testing – Including SEO in Test Strategy

I recently that the honour of presenting at as a keynote speaker. I am delighted that no-one felt the overwhelming need to leave during my 50 minute discourse, and while I’m sure the fact that I was handing out money played a small role) ‘just click ‘back’ to get back to the post’, I […]

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PPC Presence – 28 Hard Learned Tips

12 tips for Brands, 12 tips for Non-brands, and 4 bonus tips for Both This isn’t a post for PPC newbies. I’m not going to include an entry list of what you should do to get started in PPC, I’m just going to dive straight into a few things that I’ve learned over the years… […]

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SEO Success Stories

SEO Success Stories   (Actually, this has a PPC Success Story after the SEO success story below. I hope you find them both enlightening and a boost if you ever have the same problems I do J.)   It can be infinitely frustrating dealing with clients who only want consultative SEO. In other words, they […]

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Spying on the Online Competition

I realize that spying on the competition may not seem to be of great importance when taken as a stand-alone SEO concept without understanding what you can actually glean from doing so, or knowing what insights the available tools can offer.   This post will try to demystify the issue.   Why Spying on the […]

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PPC & Big Brands: Reticent, Reluctant or Simply Uninformed?

For the number of big brands that do employ PPC effectively, there is a greater number that do not employ it effectively, or who do not employ it at all. Here are 6 specific data points that might be of interest to the latter group:   10% 1 to 20% 2 of consumers are strongly […]

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Paid Search and ROI

Paid Search is not about ROI. Technically, it’s not about Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or conversions either. Paid Search should be about profit. Excuse the SEMI version of Finance 101 here 😉 but it’s for a reason. Bear with me… • ROI = Profit / costs x 100 • Profit = Revenue – Costs […]

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