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The Long-term Danger of Social Networks…?

While this is in no way meant as an hysterical babble, I know some may find it such. I urge you only to continue reading having been warned that it may impact your thoughts on social media – in how much you choose to share… or not. It’s an enigma in many ways.
In the second [...]

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5 Top Reasons to Evaluate Your Social Strategy

It’s hurricane season in the world of online marketing – in terms of stats that is. They’re everywhere, flying fast and furious and changing the landscape:

Strategies that withstand the deluge of stats are worth continued consideration

Strategies that do not weather the stat-storms may simply have been built on a poor foundation, or may just simply [...]

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BuZZZ, Forum Frenzy & UGC

Creating buzz around a product on an external forum or blog can be very effective, especially if the blog is full of relevant links to deep product or service pages on the brand site. But it’s not always easy…

It’s also not hard – just time consuming, and you need to know what [...]

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UGC and Small Business – What Works & Why

Two Frequently Asked Questions by SMEs

How do I make sure UGC is optimized and ranks well?
Are there strategies I can use to get the most out of my UGC from an SEO point of view?

The simple answer is that the optimal solution will likely be different for each business and/or site, but in [...]

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UGC – Maximize Your Online Exposure with People Power

While less than 9% of internet users contribute the majority of user generated content (UGC: Rubicon 2008), many people who use the internet on a regular basis have at one time or another contributed to the web in the form of a blog comment or product review – that’s UGC.

Online UGC is something that [...]

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Awesome Social Media Commerce Summit! Insights & feedback…

I went to the BazaarVoice Social Commerce Summit last week in Austin, TX – what a great city… It was the best conference from a pure learning’s perspective I have been to in ages, and I have to admit the party events they put on were stellar.
I only made it to the Bat Cruise [...]

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Online Social Media and Big Brand Fear of Networks

I read one of the most thought provoking posts on social media use I have read in a long time today by Steven Hodson. I rarely if ever comment on blogs, so the fact that I nearly bored poor Steven to death with a long comment says quite a bit.
Before I go off on [...]

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User Generated Content, SEO & Branding… Work It!

Consumer – or User - generated content (CGC / UGC) is becoming more and more important to the success of online retailers, and to businesses who rely on their website to drive brand exposure and generate contacts.
What is Consumer Generated Content?
It is content that users (or consumers) write and submit online and can be:
·         Product [...]

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Knol Profile SEO and Optimization

Like much of the speculation about Knol flying around the SEO community in the last few days, the question on everyone mind is, “How sticky are Knol articles within the organic Google listings.”
Before I jump into my main article about your Knol profile, I do want to point one thing out: I noticed that Danny [...]

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So You Think You Can Market Online? Here’s a Challenge For Ya!

SMM needs input from a variety of sources. This post hopes to bring numerous diversely related thoughts together.

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