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SEO Testing – Including SEO in Test Strategy

I recently that the honour of presenting at as a keynote speaker. I am delighted that no-one felt the overwhelming need to leave during my 50 minute discourse, and while I’m sure the fact that I was handing out money played a small role) ‘just click ‘back’ to get back to the post’, I […]

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Voice of Customer – Listen, Change and Win!

One of my fantastically (scarily really) talented colleagues, Lance Jones, presented at eMetrics in San Jose yesterday. The topic covered was how VOC (voice of customer) changed the Intuit QuickTax home page for the better during the last few weeks of our Canadian tax season. QuickTax is the Canadian version of TurboTax just if you […]

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Awesome Social Media Commerce Summit! Insights & feedback…

I went to the BazaarVoice Social Commerce Summit last week in Austin, TX – what a great city… It was the best conference from a pure learning’s perspective I have been to in ages, and I have to admit the party events they put on were stellar.   I only made it to the Bat […]

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SMX In-House Day: Getting SEO into All the Right Places of the Development Life-Cycle

I had the privilege of being on one of Jessica Bowman’s panels at SMX West this last week along with Marshall Simmonds. The session covered common issues faced by in-house SEO’s, as well as tactics for integration of SEO across the entire web development process. This is a brief consolidated overview of what was discussed. […]

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SES Toronto – SEMI Out-takes (& Insights ofcourse…)

Toronto SES was superb! This post is a bit of ramble but it does contain my picks on: • Most amusing event • Most embarrassing comment • Best session (of course this is not in any way biased) • COOLEST people I met! Most Amusing Pick I realize this is not related to the conference […]

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