Want to Know What Converts Your Users? ……10 Tips


Depending on what you sell, there are numerous affecting variables. But there are a few tips that work for any ecommerce business.


1. Retention is easier and cheaper than acquisition, so spend equitably on the two where possible if your retention market warrants the spend. Don’t ignore either regardless of how established or un-established you are in the online space.


2. Loyalty programs and discounts are what return visitors want, make them easy to find and honour them diligently.


3. Easy login for returning members with member only discounts and bonus offers is a great way to improve your retention and word of mouth/social spread for acquisition purposes.


4. Simple, minimal registration for new customers with an intro discount for joining is a great way to get those neutrals into the fold.


5. Peer/customer reviews and ratings are highly instrumental in both clinching a sale and directing folks to your best selling products.


6. Intro discounts with clear, easy money back guarantee terms and conditions that don’t take forever to read are effective in converting new time buyers.


7. Easy, timely cost effective shipping options are great for all buyers, especially if your product can also be bought in store.


8. If your product can be bought in store, watch your online vs. offline sales pricing targets and methodology. Shoppers do research, and they aren’t stupid.


9. If you can apply easy tracking numbers and delivery scheduling to your shipping that doesn’t cost you a fortune, it is a bonus security for your online buyers – especially for international shipments.


10. Automatic, personalized follow up ‘did you receive your product and what do you think of it?’ emails may garner you great testimonials/reviews as well as enhance your netpromoter scores.



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