Voice of Customer – Listen, Change and Win!

One of my fantastically (scarily really) talented colleagues, Lance Jones, presented at eMetrics in San Jose yesterday. The topic covered was how VOC (voice of customer) changed the Intuit QuickTax home page for the better during the last few weeks of our Canadian tax season. QuickTax is the Canadian version of TurboTax just if you were wondering, so the site gets MASSIVE traffic over tax season.

The process that this went through consists of far more than I can do justice to here, but I wanted to share some really cool learnings with you all.

First: If you have a home page, don’t be unwilling to change it if the VOC warrants such a change.

Second: Make sure you listen to your customers. This can take the form of customer reviews, feedback through the socnets, usability studies and numerous other forms. Your budget and existing level of engagement may dictate your initial approach.

Third: Don’t keep changing your home page willy-nilly as that will confuse your users, and if you do change it, make sure you keep your primary brand message as consistent as possible.

Fourth: Ensure you approach any redesign, especially a VOC driven redesign with clear objectives based on your predetermined KPI. In this case a primary objective was to provide a much clearer ‘decision point’ to facilitate the navigation of first time users to their true product of choice, and…

Fifth: Facilitate their optimal engagement path, leading to a more streamlined and facilitated conversion path.

Here was the challenge and the result along with VOC feedback:

1. The original home page was very Online Product focused, not a bad thing, but not beneficial to the numerous CD/download customers

QuickTax homepage pre VOC

Initial VOC tells the story:
  • Home page was sneaky in that it wasn’t clear Intuit is directing people to the online tax returns.”
  • “Ended up in the preparation of a return online which is not what I wanted.”
  • “The download version of QuickTax I was looking for was not immediately apparent as an option, though I did later find it at the bottom of the page.”

2. The XD (experience design), usability, marketing and copy messaging folks came up with this new home page

QuickTax homepage post VOC

The VOC now tells a NEW story

  • “The homepage made my selection easy. The options were straight forward.”
  • “Clear information on the opening page.”
  • “Easy site to navigate and purchase download software.”

The Analytics Results in a Nutshell

  • The new design achieved what it set out to do for desktop sales increasing them by 17% with immediate effect, with no negative impact on online sales.
  • The site has since experienced a 14% increase in task completion

Lance (who spear-headed the project) had 3 Key-insights for Take-away:

  1. What the business wants isn’t always good for the customer
  2. Listening to customers can change how the business thinks
  3. Behavioural and attitudinal data are the judge and jury in the court of expert opinion

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Disclaimer: nothing I say here may or should be attached to any employer, current or previous. This is my personal blog. The views expressed on this page are mine alone and not those of my employer.

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