So You Think You Can Market Online? Here’s a Challenge For Ya!

So You Think You Can Market Online? … Here’s A Challenge For Ya!


The $60 million question… Who’s willing to share their PR/SMM/Networking and other thoughts to help make the SEM Canada Conference  an even bigger success?!


Our speakers include Andy Beal, Todd Friesen, Bill Slawski, Ken Jurina, Cindy Krum, Alan K’necht, Martin Byrne, Jane Copland, Richard Zwicky,  and a load of others. The conference is on the 4th and 5th of September 2008. But that’s not enough….


For those who do not know, is the first in a series of search marketing conferences we are starting in Nairobi. OK, so my humor sucks – in CANADA. The Frozen North. The Wastelands. I’m not helping. My partner is now considering his options and the business recovery plans are about to pulled out…


Actually, in Calgary our September temperatures average around 25’C (77’F) and we have parks, pools and riverside walks, and the mountains are a 45 minute drive away – Banff is on your doorstep!


It’s a 2-day conference and we are planning the social event to end all social events! Keynotes include Global News Anchor & Consumer Advocate Tony Tighe, and the press will likely be about.


ANYHOO, I’ll list what we are doing, and then you can tell us what we should be doing.


What we’re doing:


  • Twittering (@lauracallow, @miketighe and many of these great Spheeters)
  • Blogging ( – great feedback from loads of sites including, SERoundtable and Techvibes)
  • Sphinning (a few, but this is our record breaker, and this is our most fun)
  • Networking (this is a biggie as above and with colleagues, friends, Facebook and we’ve had a few Diggs.)
  • Emailing (CMA, BusinessLink, SmallBusiness, SEMPO)
  • Requested speakers from Google (looks like a go), Yahoo! (see Martin Byrne) and MSN/Live Search (hopefully waiting)
  • In contact with a local PR guru
  • North America print and e-mag Search Marketing Standard – see the next issue for my State of Search in Canada article!
  • Requesting mentions from our speakers on their blogs (e.g. by FeedtheBot – a.k.a. Pat Sexton) and sponsors and evangelists, including FoundPages.
  • Requesting discounts via our speakers – 25% discount on individual registrations if you are an SEOmoz PROmember! Others are available if you have reg. on certain sites.


What have I missed Mike?


What can YOU recommend we try to get the word out about


If we do what you recommend (assuming you are the first to recco it and it works) we’ll give you a free pass. You still have to get here though – so this is the time to tell you that we have partnered with WestJet for flights and are finalizing hotel group discounts at the Hyatt Regency and Sheraton Suites downtown Calgary, so no worries!


You can be part of making this the greatest Search Marketing Conference Canada has ever seen! Join us, and help make this post the greatest resource anyone will ever need to make a difference to event marketing via SMM, networking and simple interest in our field!


I’ll close with a hope and hopefully end with a huge thank you to comments – all of which I will respond to personally.


I love that the tech we have allows me to even try this. I hope taking advantage of it is not too forward of me.


I can be reached on laura at semcanada dot org

I hope to hear from you one way or t’other!






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