Television & SEO – the ‘Twain Shall Mix!

I was interviewed today by Global TV News Calgary. It was a terrifying experience. I can only be thankful that it wasn’t live, and for the discretion of the both the cameraman Danny and the reporter himself.

After over an hour of interview time the actual live segment was less than 6 minutes long, but the reporter, consumer advocate Tony Tighe, really managed to convey the most salient points in that short space of time.

This post is about those points and how SEO was described to a mass, un-SEO-educated audience by an exceptionally talented and experienced reporter:

  1. The report touched on internet market research and the importance of understanding the search query language of your online target market.
  2. The importance of ranking on the first page for core converting terms was covered, as was the fact that in most cases 60% of searchers are likely to conduct a new search if their search query is not sufficiently answered on the first page of results.
  3. The necessity of conducting an aggressive backlink campaign targeting industry related, authority websites with relevant anchor-text was also mentioned.
  4. The fact that revenues from online businesses grew 26% to exceed $60BN last year in Canada was explained, as was the fact that only 8% of private Canadian businesses currently have a piece of the pie.

The client interviewed for the segment was one of Epiar’s Canadian clients, What was not aired but was covered prior to cutting and editing was the following:

  • AxeMusic has been an Epiar client for over 3 years. They invested in SEO, and have seen incredible results. 
  • They rank number 1 for the generic term ‘online music store’ out of 12 million results
  • They rank number 1 for the generic term ‘drum kits’ (1.4 million results)
  • They rank number 2 for the generic term ‘acoustic bass guitars’ – after Wikipedia (4.3 million results)
  • They rank number 1 for ‘electric guitars Canada’ (1 million results)
  • They rank number 1 for ‘digital home pianos’. (3.7 million results)
  •  Of the 256 phrases for which they were initially actively optimized (we are reoptimizing), they currently rank number 1 for 83, in the top 5 for 183, and in the top 10 for 217 – we expect that to increase
  • The client is pleased with the results and was very gracious in the interview. They are, in fact, currently conducting renewed market research with Epiar for tactical refinement and a site upgrade.

I am thrilled that the media is taking an active interest in search engine optimization and beginning to assist in the mass education of its potential as an effective marketing tactic.

In closing, and on a more personal note, I can say that I now fully appreciate what they mean when they say the ‘camera adds 10 pounds’, and I’ve decided that I definitely have a not-so-good-side.

Nonetheless, being interviewed was a blast (entirely due the fact that Tony Tighe made me feel totally at ease from the outset), and my kids were entranced watching me cavort around on TV. I will not share the family comments due to the embarrassment factor any possible legal ramifications.

I also want to apologize for my recent lack of blogging. The flu is a bad thing. Very bad, and not to be repeated. I am considering moving to Barbados… Dreams are a wonderful thing 🙂

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