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Branding Vs. SEO Which Is More Important?

I hear a lot of questions that make me want to bang my head against a wall. This is one of them.   Make no mistake, this is a legitimate question. It is a good question. It is simply that I have had to field it so often, I am now going to write this […]

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Search Engine Marketing Consultant… Anyone?

There are few things worse than hiring someone to fill a position based on false credentials. One thing that is worse is attempting to hire someone to fill a role that no-one else on your company understands, or has even heard of.   If you are planning on hiring a search consultant, here is a […]

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SEM in Canada: Conference Postponed & Insights into the Canadian Search Marketplace

We have notified & refunded our attendees, and chatted with the speakers. Now we can let everyone else know: The SEM Canada Conference has been postponed until October of next year for the following reasons: 1. We are in final talks with a new corporate sponsor who will enable us to really make the SEM […]

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Perfume, SEO, Women and Affiliates

A classic case of wondering what your perfume is worth I suppose.. My favorite is Boucheron, so I Googled it – see the results: So they have the first organic, and I am going to assume their major market is France, but come on people – they have a great scent (it’s not cheap either) […]

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Is the Future of Search Already Here?

I’m not going to introduce this post too much as each section speaks for itself, but the topics the post covers include: QR Codes, OCR (Optical character recognition), and Reputation Management and Transparency. 1. QR Codes The first time I heard about QR codes was when I read an SEOmoz post in September of last […]

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Selling SEO to the Uninitiated Client

It is sometimes very hard to get clients to understand why and how SEO can be of benefit to them. The hardest part is conveying the importance of effective keyword research and placement. This post is going to try to make it easy and fun for SEO’s to inform clients as to why SEO – […]

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