10 Reasons to Read SEM Insights

We have a confession to make. We’re totally (un)ashamed to admit that we’re really excited about this blog. Originally we had planned to have just one blog based around the SEM Canada Conference,  but after many brain storming sessions about the content we wanted to publish, the amazing guest authors we wanted to ask to write, the expansion into video podcasting, mobile, and the list goes on…

So we decided to create a separate blog entity that would house all the SEO/SEM/Web Development/Analytics/Thoughts and more that we have floating around in our heads. Naturally there would be no shortage of shameless plugs for the conference that we are equally excited for – we just didn’t want content overload on one site.

So now that you know the why, we’re proud to present 10 reasons to read (and subscribe) to SEM Insights:


  1. Search is our passion. We constantly practice it, learn about it, think about it, and theorize about it.
  2. We come in contact with some big brands, and have some unique insights.
  3. It is our goal (truly) to spread knowledge about SEO/SEM. Keeping secrets to yourself it great – but we prefer a more transparent approach to knowledge transfer (and we like good karma).
  4. We’re trying to promote our new search conference (we did mention shameless plugs).
  5. We’re here from Canada to ‘represent’
  6. It is our goal to show people that SEO is a noble pursuit to help market a business/web site – not something less than desirable.
  7. We don’t think paid search should be about ROI. We say profit, they say ROI (it’s all a matter of perspective).
  8. We know lots of uber cool people (who also love search), and we’re hoping to get more uber cool blog posts from them.
  9. We put together some great content on assessing the success of your SEO campaign, and;
  10. We’ll talk more about how to gain insight on what your visitors/customers are searching for.

Expect some more articles from the thus-far absent Michael Tighe. He is cooking up lots of articles including a focus on good processes and habits to develop, and some great technical tips and tricks for SEO.

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