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A classic case of wondering what your perfume is worth I suppose..

My favorite is Boucheron, so I Googled it – see the results:


So they have the first organic, and I am going to assume their major market is France, but come on people – they have a great scent (it’s not cheap either) but the entire snippet is in French?

I would think (just thinkin’ here) that most French speakers speak English, and perhaps there is a rather large market that may be interested in purchasing or knowing more about Boucheron if it was in… say… English, if they don’t speak French?

Or maybe I’m lacking a language, and I speak three – unfortunately French is not one of them. I mean I can hold a vague conversation in French, but nothing specific. French is a bit like Afrikaans, dead in most part, but beautiful. No, I’m not being a segregationist, just s realist in terms of ONLINE LANGUAGE. I speak Afrikaans, I sure as hell would be surprised if I was expected to buy a product from South Africa that had a Google snippet IN Afrikaans… If you can’t make sense of this, please stop reading.

This illustration simply harps back to my personal adage regarding your snippet:

Make it
• easy to find,
• easy to understand,
• English in most countries,
• subtly motivational,
• include the primary URL,
• include offers and contact details if you are not selling online yourself

The other issue I would like to touch upon is that if you are an affiliate of a great brand and actually selling it off your site, use your brain…

Let’s say your affiliate site, call it, is struggling with sales, let’s say your affiliate content is very close to your core sell. Simple:

• Buy a new URL, call it;
• Send purchasers from your ‘shop’ site to the, and nofollow all links.
• This leads to the affiliate owner site.
• Apply nofollows to the prime affiliate site.

This all assuming you have great quality content on your product pages in the first place – I’m all about quality search results… I’m sayin’

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