PPC Adlinks and In-house SEO

Bit of a mixed title, but I wanted to try to catch-up with a few nuggets!


I’ve recently been inducted to the Online Faculty at the University of San Francisco as an Instructor and Subject Matter Expert, and one of the topics I lecture on is one that most PPC marketers may find of interest – Adlinks. I was asked to write a guest post for SearchEnginePeople.com and I used the opportunity to write about Adlinks.

“Ad Sitelinks have been around for a while now, and I must admit I’m really surprised to see that many companies are still not using them… Ad Sitelinks are the
paid search equivalent of the much sought-after organic sitelinks, and they’re one heck of a lot easier to get – especially for quality ads….” – Read full article here.


I spoke at SES San Francisco this week on Bringing SEO In-house. My topic was ‘8 Common In-house Pain-points’ – which speak in many cases to some agencies too.

  1. Unclear expectations of SEO
  2. Branding limitations or requirements
  3. ROI forecasting
  4. Lack of top management support
  5. Perception of conflicting objectives
  6. Lack of exposure/integration to/with other marketing initiatives
  7. Legal red-tape
  8. Project management and process

I’ll be speaking again at Pubcon in Vegas (November) on the same topic as well as on a hard-core spot-light in-house session, and possibly at SMX East in October. But in the interim,  lovely readers, if you have any specific questions on any of these points just comment with your query and I’ll get back to you! Otherwise, do try to come and say ‘Hi!’ if you’re in my sessions. It would be super to meet you!

I also recommend you check out Jessica Bowman’s blog. As CEO of In-house SEO, Jessica is an authority on in-house search marketing. The blog is here at SEMInhouse.com and I believe that her team may be sharing more on process in the coming months.

See you around!

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